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Twist-Off Jar 212ml Deep

Please read our notes for Twist-Off Jars below

Jars don't include lids, please order lids separately if needed

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Product Details

Twist-Off Jar 212ml Deep

Modern jar perfect for jam, mustard or chutney, that can be closed with a Twist-Off lid "deep" (TO 66 Deep).

The glass is straight at the bottom, which gives it an elegant look.

Also suitable as a herb jar, as the wide opening allows you to remove spices and salt by hand. An elegant mason jar that holds approximately 200ml/g.


Product Details:

Size: 212 ml

Height: 77 mm

Width: 69 mm

Suitable lid size: TO 66 Deep

Opening Ø: 57 mm

Weight: 125 g


How do Twist-Off Jars work?

Twist-Off jars look like screw-top jars, but there's a big difference between the two:

Screwtop jars have a thread around the full opening to properly hold a lid on a jar. They completely seal the jar, without air being able to flow out. When using screw-top jars, you need to be careful when making jam, pasteurising or fermenting: When pressure builds up inside the jar and air can't flow out, the jar eventually will burst. 

Twist-Off Jars don't have a full thread, they only have several short knobs around the neck of the jar. These knobs work similarly to the clamps of Weck Jars: They hold the lid on the jar without completely sealing them off - as long as they are closed properly: Not too weak and not too strong. When the lids are put on the jars with the right force, air will be able to flow out when pressure builds up inside. But, when cooling down, the force is strong enough to hold the lid on the jar. When the content inside contracts, the lid will be pressed onto the jar and the gasket in the lid will ensure that no air will flow in: Your jar is properly closed, and the content won't turn bad with time.


Notes for handling Twist-Off Jars

Twist-off lids are professional closures for mason jars with a TO finish. They are designed for machine filling, in which a constant pressure, an optimal temperature of the material and a precisely defined torque ensure perfect function.

Twist-off caps are not screw caps. The difference: they do not have a continuous thread, but projections, the so-called cams.


Jars with TO closures can, of course, also be used for manual filling - and are becoming increasingly popular in households thanks to their ease of use. In the case of manually attached twist-off closures, however, no guarantee can be given with regard to tightness and overtightening, since the pressure and torque are not always optimally matched to the lids.

In addition, in the case of lids with a button, it cannot be guaranteed that the vacuum button will always work during manual filling and that a loud 'plop' will be heard when the jar is opened.


A common problem with hand filling is overtightening of the lids. The cams are damaged and the slide no longer closes properly. Especially when filling by hand, there is a tendency to screw the lid on the glass as tightly as possible. It is better to attach the lid with light pressure and turn just enough to feel resistance.

Whether the jar is tightly closed by the lid also depends on the temperature. The seal inside the cap becomes more flexible with heat and hugs the rim of the glass more easily. During machine filling, TO closures are heated to around 60 °C before they are used. When filling manually, it is advisable to preheat the closures in warm water and leave them in the water bath until use.


How do Twist-Off Jars work?

Twist Off Jars are not like screw top jars - they work very similarly to Weck Jars with Rubber Rings and clamps.

The thread is not around the full scope of the jar, it's rather a few short knobs around the neck.

They hold the lid on the jar during the preservation process, but they let air out from the inside when pressure gets too high.

When cooling down, the lid will be sucked onto the jar, sealing the lid completely.

Do I need to order lids separately?

Yes, our Twist-Off Jars do not have lids included. Please order less separately if needed.

Our Twist-Off Jars and Lids

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