My story

I have worked in the food/FMCG industry for more than 14 years. Both for smaller manufacturers, multinational corporations and in retail.

Over time I realised that companies are more concerned about profits, less about the quality* of the food they sell. As a result, companies sell food that is loaded with additives, sugar and fat.

*Most companies seem to be concerned about quality in terms of safety - not about quality as "it's healthy or good for you".

Having had some health issues myself, over the last few years I started being more conscious about the food I am buying and eating. I started to prepare food myself from scratch. Baking bread, making Pizza, but also making preserves with fruits and vegetables, and I started using less sugar. 

But also, I realised that it can be quite expensive as you need to buy a lot of stuff and ingredients.I decided to import products that are needed for preparing and conserving healthy food yourself in bulk, and I can pass on these savings to you. 

I started with some beautiful jars, so that you can enjoy not only preparing your own food but also make it look beautiful and impress your guests. 

Enjoy the experience, enjoy your homemade food and let me know if I can help you. 🙂

My business is divided into 2 units


    Offering jars and equipment for people who have the time and energy to make and preserve healthy food themselves.

  • Mór Taste

    No more 50% sugar in jams! Instead of using a lot of sugar, we reduce the sugar to the absolute minimum. We simply use more fruit. A lot of fruit! Learn more on