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LeParfait Cliptop Jar 1000ml

Including lid and 1 rubber ring

Please read our notes for LeParfait Jars below

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    Product Details

    LeParfait Cliptop Jar 1000ml

    LeParfait produces classic French preserve jars with its distinctive embossed logo.

    Produced by Le Parfait in France,  Le Parfait Preserve Jars are the ideal shape for storing dried goods, rice, pasta, pulses and flour, but also perfect for preserving vegetables and cooked food using the traditional heat preserving method.

    Its rounded and slightly domed shape distinguishes the Le Parfait Super jars from the terrines, which are characterised by their straight shape.

    One may recognise the Le Parfait jars Super thanks to its wire hinge and iconic orange rubber seal!


    Size: 1000ml
    Height: 170mm
    Diameter: 100mm
    Weight: 640g
    Suitable Rubber Ring: 85mm  

    Includes 1 x Rubber Ring, 85mm diameter

    The famous orange rubber seal, keeps the product air-tight, allowing long-term preservation. Top tip: only use the rubber seal once and change it after each use.


    A special jar for every preparation

    Le Parfait super jars are available in several sizes and are perfect for preserving soup, fruits, pickles or vegetables. 


      Notes for LeParfait Jars

      Please be aware of the following notes when preserving food with LeParfait Jars:

      Make sure the surfaces are not chipped or show signs of abrasion or residue. Clean the jars, terrines and lids with hot soapy water. Avoid any contact between the jars or the terrines. Do not use metal or abrasive sponges.

      After cleaning, rinse thoroughly the jars and terrines with hot water and let air dry.


      The transparency of glass, clear control over the ingredients you use… you’ll never have any unpleasant surprises or be disappointed by false promises or hidden additives. There’s nothing more honest than homemade. The jams and preserves you make at home are deliciously authentic, made with sincerity. When you open a jar of handmade preserves, you’ll only find what you put in it: no artificial flavours, preservatives or other additives, and just the right amount of salt and sugar.


      Enjoyment makes us better people, and there’s no harm in indulging in the simple pleasures of good food. It’s part of a lifestyle of enjoyment and sharing with others. When you make your own preserves, you pay careful attention to the taste of the produce you use. You learn how to choose the right produce at the right place and the right time. You’re open-minded about good food, and definitely not ready to give up the good things in life or to give into “junk food”. And beautiful food is delicious food! The attractive design of Le Parfait jars makes your preserves even more appetising and delicious.

      Our LeParfait Jar Range

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